Three Years ago (2016) I moved back to Canada from Wales, UK to complete my schooling and find my own stability. I am Welsh-Canadian, 20yrs old, and am currently attending University.

Environmental Studies at YorkU has become my home, both mentally and physically. I have found a new love and respect for the Environment, and the environment I put myself in. I jump between wanting to go into wildlife conservation and environmental education; and that’s totally okay.

As of September 2016 I’ll be moved out with some friends, and from there I won’t be moving back in with family. Or at least that’s the plan.

The Whild life is a play on words, on my last name in fact. I thought about the WhildPath to play on my technical name more, but Whilding has always had more significance for me. So join a Whild-thing on this Whild-jouney.

I am an artist, a poet, an opinionated, protective, and maternal person. I’m a writer above all else. I’m erratic, I like to think I’m creative.

I also struggle a lot. With body image, and mental health. I struggle with my family, and with things in the ‘real world’. I’m a giant nerd for eco-tech, and a snuggler.

I am many things, and I hope that this will help me with my mental health, and help me organize my thoughts and my timeline.

I am an author. A  dog-loving nerd. A budding author and poet. I am 20 years old, a non-confused pansexual and above ALL else, I am a broke-uni student who loves to write and be creative.

So welcome to my Whild life, and this documentation of the various adventures I’m going to get into, especially now as I move out for good. Maybe we can make sense of the world together.


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