Don’t get disheartened

I have a great passions, for a great many things.

Too many to list for sure, but still I’m not the only one. Mainly though, my passions are for education, crafting, cooking, and my family. And also YouTube.

Now this started as a love for watching youtube, Vlogs are my guilty pleasures, as are DIYs and home tours; again not alone and also not an exhaustive list of my love of YouTube. But recently these passions have culminated into two great things, two things I love and want to really take off the way that others have taken off.

Leaders are visionairies with a poorly developed sense of fear and no concept of the odds against them. They make the impossible happen.

Dr. Robert Jarvik

I have two youtube channels; neither are more than two or three months old, and neither have many followers. In fact very few people outside my immediate and most intimate friends (and a teacher, whom is marking the one project) know about it. I haven’t advertised them.

Despite this though, it can be extraordinarily disheartening to look upon a video I posted 4 hours ago and see no views. Despite knowing that I don’t advertise these videos yet, despite knowing that no one on YouTube is famous in a month, despite both these and more, it is so incredibly disheartening to look at my subscription page and see the feed filled with new videos already racking up the views.

It’s awful to see others hard work coming to fruition when yours, your regularly scheduled passion project sitting idle.

Environmental Supplement is a passion project that started as a class project; but like everything I’m passionate about I sank far too much time and effort into it and now it is part of my daily routine.

I think about what to post next week, I plan destinations for filming. 21 days makes a routine and I’ve been filming every Sunday with a friend now for roughly 10 weeks. I’ve been thinking about this project for 70 days and more and now it’s habit.

Yet it’s a niche that isn’t often filled, a reason I chose to make a Youtube thing of it. The whole point is to bring Environmental KNoweldge and thought and conversation to people, but getting the people here is a problem. So I have to expect it to be rather slow. I have to expect it to be disliked and to sit idle on my subscription feed for a long time yet.


And then of course is this channel; due to time and home arrangements and restrictions this hasn’t gotten even half the love I want it to get.

Essentially this is the face of the Environmental channel. This is me; my daily (eventyually) life, my lived experiences. My crafting. My writing. My Poetry. My cooking. A culmination of my anecdotes; updates for my friends and family abroad and out of town, a journal of my own journey in this Wild life.

A Whild-Thing’s journey through the wild life she lives.

But it’s only one video strong, only followed by my Best Friend, my Sister, and my mother probably. I’m not a star, I’m not even on the board yet. My channel doesn’t even show up in searches most of the time.

And it’s hard. It’s super difficult to stand here, to watch my life, watching others lives, and not feel like deleting the whole shebang and forgetting that I ever tried to make a difference.


And then this happened. My first and only currently viewable video on the channel. In case you can’t see, that is three likes, and one dislike. Now for a video with 18 views that’s not much.

But, it means that four people watched this video, and rather than pass it by, wait for the next update, hold off on their opinions until the next time I upload something they made their opinion now.

Someone took the time to put my video down. Decided they didn’t like my face, my voice, my content, my editing; something. They took the time to consciously decide that my video needed to be voted down.

It takes less to thumb up (though oh my lordie I am more than grateful for the support and approval of whomever they are), because it’s become habit in a lot of ways. Thumbs down though is a challenge.

It’s a challenge to make it both easier and harder for people to dislike what I do. The more who see my work the higher the ratio will be. But that’s the point right? If I don’t want to be another face in the crowd, another channel to be flipped in a never ending cycle I have to do two things.

  1. Make yourself different. Make yourself something people will want to see, and it doesn’t matter for what reason as long as that reason aligns with your cause.
  2. Be persistent, the only way you’ll be seen is if you make it impossible to miss it. Be persistent. Make your passions a focal practice..
  3. Make it 21 days strong;  make it a habit.
  4. Don’t tell people your dreams (or your plans), show them your results.

I’d like to show people that if you put the hard work in and you believe in yourself, then you can do whatever you want to.

Oscar Pistorius

As an end note. I’m not expecting anyone to check these out, but I felt it made no sense to talk about my channels nd my plans without showing you what I had so far. So if you wouldn’t mind, I’d love it if you gave my channels a browse, if you stay I’d be grateful.

The Whild Life: Youtube, Twitter, Instagram

Environmental Supplement: Youtube, Twitter






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