A Whild thought: I have an aesthetic

I was recently incredibly frustrated by my lack of speakers. I have a desktop for a lot of my editing and drawing work, and a small tablet for writing on the go. But I do not (see: did not) have speakers, and so I bought a set. Or rather a singular Bluetooth speaker that I could use in multiple ways.

I’m a stickler for things needing multiple uses if I’m going to part with my hard earned money.

And so it arrived. It’s a lovely speaker really:

2016-03-24 18.22.04

Rugged, because I’m a clutz and really shouldn’t be trusted with delicate technologies (though I’m not terrible with them). Water resistant, so that I can use it, as I said in a couple of ways; including in the shower, and when I’m camping or away etc.

But then I realised something……


^ that is the new speaker, my primary camera (a tough again), and my phone (which is in an otter box because of aforementioned clumsiness).

But looking at it, I didn’t even realise just how much I maintain my aesthetic across the entirety of my products and I am waaayyy more embarrassed by it than I think I should be. Literally….I didn’t even think about it when I ordered the Archeer, I’m sure it also comes in plain black …I just didn’t pick it.



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